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when is now?

Stephanie is a singer-songwriter from Boston (USA) who found her first song hidden in an acoustic guitar on her back porch. Horst is a sound designer from Nuremberg (DE) who tickled his first tunes out of a Commodore 64 computer.Together they are the band rubyrough.

Stephanie found Horst through the Internet. It began when he remixed her folk-style songs but soon a flood of e-mails, uploads and downloads led to a more intense collaboration. It wasn’t long before they began composing together and Ruby Rough was born.

They continue their work through the medium that brought them together: the internet. The moments in which they can share space and time are seldom, which led to the album concept: Realtime.

“What kind of a gift is the present if I never have time to open it?”

Their upcoming debut album (release: Dec 2010) is about the most significant instants: when we meet and fall in love, when we lose ourselves and when we find ourselves again, about losing track of time and living in the moment.

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